Renovate Now Pay Later ™

Increase your property value for the highest return on investment

If you want to get the most for your home, you know renovations are in order. However, most home sellers are deterred by the cost, until now.

Renovate Now, Pay Later allows you to renovate your house before you sell by helping you afford the cost through multiple program options, secured loans and low monthly payments. Plus, an experienced Zumin consultant will help you increase the value of your home, and therefore your asking price, with their knowledge of real estate investments and effective market data.

So let Zumin help you upgrade your bathrooms, remodel your kitchen, finish your basement and unlock the true value of your home before you put it on the market!


We know that renovations can be daunting, especially when you are ready to sell your home today. However, we ensure that all renovations go smoothly—no delays or ever-increasing budget—and guarantee you get the highest return on investment. How do we do this? Normally, home owners must invest their own money into renovating their property in the pre-selling stage. This often limits how much money they can spend on renovations and diminishes their return-on-investment. However, the Renovate Now, Pay Later program offers you multiple ways to afford construction costs through secured loans with low monthly payments (OAC), eliminating up-front costs and ensuring you receive more money in less time.

Zumin Agents will ensure you don’t max out your budget, only your ROI. They oversee renovations and only allocate money to the improvements that will help you get the highest return.

Its simple and effective

The Renovate Now, Pay Later process is simple, yet effective. We’ve managed many successful renovations that have resulted in a substantial increase in property value. Our process works, and follows four steps:

Initial Call

You begin the process by calling a qualified Zumin representative who will explain more about the process and schedule a time and date for a thorough home assessment.


A certified Zumin consultant will visit your house and determine the required renovations. We also calculate the costs and determine your budget in order to ensure you will receive the maximum return on your investment.


Once we finalize the paperwork and agree upon the renovations, we facilitate the renovation process to ensure construction is completed on time and on a budget.


There are absolutely no up-front costs you must pay. Instead, we’ll secure a loan for you that will cover all renovation costs and result in low monthly payments (OAC).

The Benefits Are Beautiful

Through Zumin’s Renovate Now, Pay Later program, you can do more than increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. Upgrading your home can help your property sell faster and for far more money. You’ll be able to attract more affluent buyers and could even generate a bidding war over your property.

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