The story of Zumin is one that was born from innovation in a rapidly evolving market. From Toronto through Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington, the real estate industry has undergone an unprecedented influx in recent years. Our vision is committed to innovation with a business model that has revolutionized the real estate and home improvement throughout southern Ontario. At Zumin, our mission is to unite our clients with the appropriate qualified professionals in every facet of real estate and home improvement. Our extensive network of licensed and skilled specialists throughout the Greater Toronto Area ensures that we are able to equip clients with the perfect match for their property needs. From home improvement and renovation financing to mortgage and law needs, we seek to assist you as you embark on your next real estate venture.



Zumin eases the painstaking elements of the home improvement and real estate processes. As a full-service provider for all of your property needs, our services eliminate the need for constant back-and-forth between several companies, making sure they’re on the same page and worrying about the quality of the job at hand. Our comprehensive network of licensed agents and renovation experts allows you to work through us for all of your needs. Our streamlined network of experts guarantees that we have licensed professionals for every niche of real estate, home improvement and design. Whether it’s finding the right specialists for your kitchen renovation and bathroom remodelling or it’s dabbling into investment properties, or you’re simply looking to get the top dollar for your home, the Zumin way allows you to assemble your own dream team of specialists! Our brand is continually evolving to be able to deliver results that are more aligned with our clients’ individuals goals and objectives than our competition.



Zumin prides itself as a company that values both its clients and employees and is committed to earning and maintaining trust. We are firm believers in teamwork and are committed to a client-focused environment that values communication in the form of being responsive, available and keeping you updated. We won’t hold you hostage to a piece of paper – if ever a problem is encountered, we want to work with you until it is fixed. We adhere to the highest ethical standards put into place specifically for our dealings with both our agents and clients. As a team, we promote professionalism, dedication and integrity through continued education by assuming a personal responsibility. Zumin satisfaction guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied, we promise to work with you until you are!



The Zumin team is compromised of licensed and professional consultants, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, lawyers, projects managers and renovators. Find the perfect match for you and your needs.